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3 Options for Whitening Your Teeth

June 29, 2023
3 Options for Whitening Your Teeth

Teeth naturally turn yellow as people age. Certain foods and habits like smoking can also stain your teeth. If your teeth are not quite as bright as they once were, you may not feel like sharing your smile with the world. Teeth whitening can boost your self-confidence by brightening your smile.

There are three primary options for whitening your teeth: over-the-counter whitening, in-office professional whitening, and at-home professional whitening. This blog will compare these options.

Comparing Options for Teeth Whitening

Over-The-Counter Whitening

Over-the-counter strips, toothpaste, and rinses claim that you can whiten your teeth quickly and effectively. However, you may not notice a dramatic difference compared to professional results. You may only be able to whiten your teeth by one or two shades over weeks of wearing the strips.


Over-the-counter whitening products are less effective compared to professional methods. They may also burn your gums if you use them more often than the package directs. You may experience more gum sensitivity with over-the-counter products than with professional whitening.


Take caution with whitening products bought online. These products are unregulated and may contain too much active ingredient, causing injury, or too little, meaning they do not work at all. Your dental professional will help you with a better alternative to over-the-counter whitening.

In-Office Professional Whitening

In-office whitening provides fast, noticeable results. While it is safe, effective, and fast-acting, it requires spending an hour or more in the dental chair.


The process starts with the dentist or hygienist covering your gums to keep the powerful peroxide solution away. They apply the whitening solution and often activate it with an LED light. With professional whitening, you should be able to see six or seven shades' difference in the first appointment alone. 

At-Home Professional Whitening

At-home professional whitening provides the best of both worlds. The results are definitive but more subtle and gradual than chairside whitening. Your dental professional will give you custom-made trays to wear with the whitening gel inside. Depending on the brand and desired results, you will wear your trays for a specified time each day.


You can use at-home professional whitening products in comfort while watching TV or getting things done around the house. With at-home professional whitening, you will still receive dental supervision and care. You will receive instructions to whiten your teeth safely and comfortably, minimizing excess sensitivity and preventing gum damage.

Whitening Your Teeth After Orthodontic Treatment

Sometimes, after orthodontic treatment, patients like to whiten their teeth to complete their smile's transformation. Our orthodontic office can provide this service and help you feel great about your appearance.

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Teeth whitening is a fantastic option for patients finishing orthodontic treatment. Call our Las Cruces, NM, office at 575-522-1500 for more information on at-home professional teeth whitening and how we can help you brighten your smile.

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